What You Will Need

    • Raspberry Pi 2 B+ – These are still hard to come by in some places, but I suggest the Raspberry Pi 2 B+ Cana Kit on Amazon, as it comes with nearly all of the other peripherals.
    • Alternatively, you can still get a Raspberry Pi Model B+ (512MB), Which can be used with the current RetroPie image, but the emulation is significantly slower.

5 thoughts on “Materials

  1. Would it be better to use the Raspberry Pi Model B+ over the one listed above? The B+ is $8 cheaper (on Amazon from the same supplier), has two additional USB ports (which also saves $18 for the optional powered USB hub), is more energy efficient, etc. Am I missing something because it seems like the B+ blows the previous board out of the water? Perhaps the B+ came out after this guide?

    As for power, what is your opinion on:

    It is listed in the compatible guide you linked and the reviews are pretty good but they could be better. I didn’t like that the power adapter you linked did not come with the cable (as you’d be spending almost $20 on the whole thing when you can easily find one for $8).

    Your help with these two questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.

  2. Does the internet need to remain plugged in after the project is complete or after everything is on the rasberry pi its can be disconnected from the internet.

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